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War Against Marijuana Legalize it essays

War Against Marijuana Legalize it essays A total of 3,470,545 Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses. In 1997 state and local law enforcement arrested 695,200 people for marijuana violations. That number is the highest ever recorded by the FBI. Of the 682,885 arrests made in 1998, approximately 88% were for simple possession. The remaining 12% were for sale and manufacture. Every 52 seconds, a marijuana smoker is arrested in America. This is truly a waste of law enforcement and a waste of our tax money. These people getting arrested are generally responsible adults capable of making their own decisions. Marijuana was made illegal in 1937, but hemp was kept legal to use. Hemp provides from four to fourteen tons of dry fibers per acre per year. It can be made into paper, cloth, and cellulose for plastic. If drug laws would allow hemp farming, wed have an alternative resource for paper, which would save our trees. When you look at the one-dollar bill, you are looking at a hemp farmer, George Washington grew hemp. The US Drug Enforcement Agency is ignorant to realize that there is a big difference between hemp and marijuana. Hemp can not be used to get high, and it never was used for that, but it still was put in the same category as heroin. Our tax dollars go to feed all the people that are held in prison on marijuana related charges. Those people are now struggling to feed their children, knowing that they wont get much help, because they are criminals according to a good percentage of society. Our society thinks marijuana isnt acceptable because it is illegal. Marijuana was made illegal because congress put up a fight, and went against narcotics. It was found a narcotic when it was classified along with opiates. It was deemed too dangerous to allow research, and dismissed all attempts to argue over it. We know that the legal drug addictions present now, do not cause any crimes. The actions from them, but not the use. ...

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Sociology and Social Constructs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sociology and Social Constructs - Essay Example Social construct exists because people agree to behave as if it exists, or concur as if to comply with certain conventional rules, or behave as if such accord or rules came into being (Social Constructs 2007). One social construct is individualism. It places the individual as the center of the social structures. For Hofstede, individualism "pertains to societies wherein the ties between individuals are loose, where everyone is expected to look after himself or herself and his or her immediate family (as cited by Allik and Realo.). As opposed to collectivism, which holds that the group (e.g. the nation, the community, the race, etc. is the primary unit of "reality and the ultimate standard of value," individualism points the individual as the principal unit of reality. His individual person, and not a certain group where he belongs in, is its main focus. For Tocqueville, selfishness is "a passionate and exaggerated love of self, leading a man to connect everything with himself and to prefer himself to everything in the world." On the other hand, his concept of individualism is "a mature and calm feeling, which disposes each member of the community to sever himself from the mass of his fellows and to draw apart with his family and his friends, so that after he has thus formed a little circle of his own, he willingly leaves society at large to itself (Democracy in America 1835)." Based from his definition selfishness concerns more on the emotional craving to love one's self, while individualism is more a mature feeling that makes a member of a society to choose it. Another common misconception is individualism's relation with isolation. Isolation means being alone and being outside of the social sphere. Individualism is a sociological concept that puts the individual at the pedestal. It makes individuals as the unit by which a society's achievement is measured. The common misconception about individualism is that the individual is emphasized and it disregards other members in the society. While it is true that individuals are given emphasis on this social construct, individualism only empowers the members of the society to freely choose what they prefer doing. This social construct should be viewed from the perspective of society wherein individuals are given the freedom to choose what they want in life. Individuals are responsible for himself and society's role is very minimal (Individualism 2007). Individualism and Collectivism After clarifying individualism from the common misconceptions about it, let us further illuminate this confusing term by differentiating it from its contradictory term - collectivism. As mentioned above, individualism puts individual members of the group as the unit by which the success or achievement of a group is based on. Collectivism, on the other hand views a social group as the basis. When an individualist, for example, comments on a crime the fault solely rests in the hands of the individual. The social group wherein he is part of is minimal. This makes individuals responsible for their actions. Collectivism stresses that the society is

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Business Ethics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Ethics - Case Study Example Absolutely, as long as there are individuals who are willing to circumvent the system, in the hopes of accruing a further profit, and place the lives of their consumers at risk due to a hurried and ill researched drug release, the legitimacy of the entire process falls into question. The first liability is with regards to the fact that illegal form of payment and unlawful interaction between Chang and American Therapeutics has taken place. As such, in the event that this is discovered, both of Chang and American Therapeutics could be held liable for any damages that resulted from their collusion. Moreover, even if no harm came of this, both of these could still be held liable for corruption and bribery outside the bounds of the law. In order to obtain rapid FDA approval, Vegesna could easily have ensured that all of his documents were in the correct order and that the testing facilities had been vetted and approved by the FDA. Even though this might not have resulted in an immediate level of approval, as was created by the bribery of the FDA official, it would necessarily have increased the turnaround time that he could have expected as compared to what was realized by other firms. In order to prevent future payments such as the one that has been discussed, the level of interaction between a firm and a single individual at the FDA must be reduced. By engaging companies with a team of stakeholders from the FDA, the possibility and the temptation to bribe all of them will be greatly reduced; as compared to a single individual integrating with a hopeful

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Martin Luther King Essay Example for Free

Martin Luther King Essay The history of this two great men dates back to the 1920s when both of them were born (Malcolm x -19th may 1925, King Luther-15th Jan 1929). Their fame, fulfillment of dreams and influence was however, felt in the 1960s. Although, brought up at different capacities their history and influence has lots of similarity. Their remarkable contribution was almost at the same period of time(between 1957-1968). This is such a time when there was a lot of radical debate on racism in America in terms of the rights of both the blacks and whites. Such a debate was due to the different priorities given to the two races in America. For example the blacks were not allowed to vote thus, need for constitutional amendment which Martin King Luther advocated for(Howard pp 8). There was also an aspect of inequality in the sense that black American schools could not offer chances for career advancement and the blacks lacked proper hospital facilities as in the story of Malcolm X. He highlights in his bibliography that his desire to be a lawyer could not be achieved in the Negro school he attended thus killing his dream and determination to continue schooling. The inequality is also seen in the reason for the boycott of the Montgomery bus system (where blacks were to seat at the back sits of the bus while front seats were reserved for the whites) organized by Martin King Luther (Luthers bibliography). The two men spearheaded very critical campaigns on their different believes on the position of all the Americans in political, economical and social standards. Their approaches were quite different although they both had remarkable speeches and quotations pulling a large crowd of followers to themselves. Martin Luther King was born of a Baptist minister and his mother was a school teacher. He attended school to a post graduate attaining a PhD in systematic theology in Boston. He later became a clergyman in the Baptist church. His early life before getting into politics was that of a preacher living upright according to the moral standards of the society. It is during his ministration work that he discovered that, though his faith talks of all men been equal, with same need for respect accorded to them; this was not so in America because the whites here were treated with a higher esteem than the blacks. He sort to dig deep into the history of the two races and thus, got the determination to fight for equality in the two races. He also got some inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi of India who had led his country to independence from the British rule. It is from Gandhi that he adopted the idea of non violent protests. His approach was non violent though with different touch to various principles for example; he used the non partisan principle when he refused to en dose for any particular candidate in presidential run up. (Howard pp 57). It is through ecumenism that he brought people together in his civil movement activities. He also incorporated mass protest, mobilization of bus boycotts and enlightenment through speeches. The boycotts lasted for 382 days leading to bombing of his house and his imprisonment. In prison he resorted into writing. He wrote letters and this advanced to five books namely: The measure of a man, Strength to love, Stride towards freedom, Trumpet of conscience and why we cant wait. From jail Martin Luther King founded the Southern Christians Leaders Congress from which he could carry out his civil reform protest and the Student Non violent Coordinating Committee to help black students from violent protests but this was to no avail as the students turned his ideas down posing a great challenge to his campaigns. He was received the Nobel peace price in 1964 as the youngest person to this award at an age of 35. His campaigns were successful because in 1965 the US congress passes a voting right act so that the blacks could now be allowed to vote. He also managed to prevent violent attacks by the blacks who had lost their children when their church was attacked by some whites through a great expressive and advisory e urology presented at the burial ceremony but it is his speech â€Å"I have a dream† that have accorded him more fame. This speech was delivered at Washington DC where he had an audience of 250 000 people (Bennet pp64). Among his successes was the award of the man of the year as the first black to this title by the Time magazine of America. The civil right movement which he founded continued but pressure by the youth to engage in violent campaigns against discrimination led him to a new turn in his career and life yet again, where he now turned to protest against poverty and war. He greatly complained against Vietnam war and in the process of organizing a march in protest of the problems that poor garbage collectors in Memphis, Tennessee were undergoing, he was assassinated. This was in April 1968. Although dead his great words are echoed to date. His works are also remembered by many as the man behind the civil rights and reforms in America. Malcolm X on the other side was a son to an outspoken Baptist minister who followed a Black Nationalist leader called Marcus Garvey. His mother was a house wife. He went to school up to secondary level and later dropped as he could not see possibilities of achieving his dreams as a black. His father was found dead and the neighbors thought this was a plan by the whites to silence the blacks. This was quite early as Malcolm was only six and it led the family to poverty hence the mother got mental breakdown and was sent to an asylum for 26 years. (Lomax pp 12). Malcolm together with his brothers was taken to foster homes. This got him into petty crimes like gambling and burglary later moved to New York and advanced his criminal life to prostitution and sell of drugs. He was later arrested during which he converted to Islam from the influence of his brother who used to visit him. This was demonstrated by change of his name from Malcolm little to Malcolm X, because he now believed Little was a slavery name. In prison he also joined some classes to continue with his schooling which he had stopped in earlier years this was a great boost to his later writings and speeches although he was not a professional in any particular field. When released from jail he was now a reformed man and so he joined the Nation of Islam and became one of the leaders. Here he advocated for the teachings learn t from jail which included: a believe that evil men would face the wrath of Allah, blacks should get away from the lifestyle of the whites both in financial conditions, social integration, their structure of leadership, their way of thinking and in the art of worship. As a religious leader he built up mosques at Pennsylvania and Philadelphia where he had captured a massive following. There were some disagreements with the main leader of the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X; due to the statement he made following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (saw the assassination as a case of â€Å"the chicken coming home to roost†) and so was accorded a 90 day suspension with orders to remain silent without presenting any speeches. (Lomax pp 32). He found this slightly unbearable and although some people argue that he had some misunderstandings with the leader of Nation of Islam, over his conduct and moral uprightness, one thing was clear: it was time for Malcolm to call it quits. He then formed his own Muslim Mosque Inc. His idea of racial segregation was not to coexist peacefully with King Luthers idea of constitutional amendment peaceful intermingled living. He did not want any mixing of the blacks and whites at any degree so his solution was that; blacks have their own state even if through war. His followers were to use armed self defense against violence from the whites. He also criticized Christianity as a religion that copied the whites way of life thus due to poverty, the blacks ended up in crime in attempt to imitate this lifestyles. It is during this time that he went on pilgrimage to Mecca and got some inspiration from other cultures changing his focus from the black Muslims to all races and religions. His ideology on all whites as bad people responsible for all the misery that the blacks faced was also changed and now considered the whites as individuals with personal opinions rather than stereotyping them to a bunch of demons. Claiming to have found the more and profound truths about Islam as a religion and lifestyle, Malcolm changed his name yet again to El Hajj El Shabazz. His mission was not left out in this wave of change as now he considered in cooperating all blacks despite their religion affiliation in his founded Organization of Afro-American Unity. Its through this organization that he led the first ever greatest black American rally. Malcolm now set out to discussion with groups belonging to the whites and wanted to present the grievances of the black Americans in the US to UN. He also urged his followers to register in for voting process and sort for a change in the management of public facilities within the black communities from the whites who dominated every field of management and administration, to be done by the blacks. His charismatic speeches and influence was mainly through media (he had a program covered on the television and in the radio and wrote articles to be published in the dailies). His debates seamed to be outrightly remarkable giving a very strong essence of what he believed in, thus captured very large number of audience. Malcolm X was assassinated in February1965 at New York as he was addressing a rally. He left a very significant contribution to black power movements as the Nation of Islam, the Muslim Mosque Inc and the Organization of Afro-American still went on in the believes he had taught them. His believes got more momentum after his autobiography was published in 1965. (Howard pp116). The Malcolm X societies is a product of what he established. Similarities among this two men start from their birth to their death. This is because the blacks had equally similar lifestyles and opportunities as they were the marginalized group in America. Both of them were born in the same year and their impact was felt within the same period of time. They had equally same faith in their upbringing as their fathers were ministers in the Baptist church. They had a first hand experience of the brutality of the whites as their homes were burnt, underwent imprisonment and finally were assassinated. The two men changed their names at one point of their lives (Martins name was changed while he was still young from his previous name: Michael to his current name: Martin). Their lives took different phases changing from school life to religious leaders to politics and finally to human right activist. The pulpit was used as a way to spread their beliefs and influence the community. In both incidences, there was some inspiration from communities outside America which marked the start of a new phase of their lives. Both of them spoke strongly against racial discrimination. Their speeches and charisma has also lived long after their death and they all died through assassination in the 1960s. They equally had a large crowd of followers. Their writings are considered inspirational and great by both the black and white Americans. In the last phase of their lives and career, they had a great focus on poverty and empowerment of the blacks. The differences between this two individuals is not much they basically had almost the same kind of background and they all fought for discrimination on the lines of race. Martins way of fighting was non violent but Malcolms way was by use of armed defense and rejecting cooperation to the whites ideas. The King got into his fathers line of career and maintained his religion while Malcolm diverted into Islam. Though both of them were charismatic and great speakers; Malcolm had a lower level of education. Luther led a straight life all along but Malcolm was once involved in crime before his reform and conversion to Islam. King Luthers tool of communication was mainly his pulpit, crusades and campaign meetings unlike Malcolms which involved the media. Martin Luther was accorded the international award of the Nobel Peace Price and the man of the year title in the times magazine while Malcolm only got recognition with no award except for the blacks having some societies named after him. Martins campaigns of non violent protests were met with criticisms from fellow blacks unlike Malcolms. It is out of this two figures that others like Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Martin Luther King Junior, have found a base to stand on and fight against discrimination of whatever form. The world today remembers this two dear people as heroes (especially America). They made a remarkable spirit toward racial segregation which has continued up to today. Their stand as spiritual leaders on what they believed is an example to be followed by most leaders today who see lawfully practices and shun from condemning them. Work Cited: Bennet Lerone Jn, â€Å"What manner of man: a biography of Martin Luther King† Chicago Johnson publishers (1964). pp 5-112 Brief History with Documents. ISBN 0312395051, 9780312395056; Bedford/SMartins 2004 Lomax Louise, â€Å"To kill a black man† Los Angels , CA:Hollooway House Publishing Company (1968) pp 12-86 Man of the year Time 1983 (January 3, 1964). pp 13-16 ; 25-27. Pitney,Howard and David Martin Luther King , Malcolm X and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s. (1978) 8-122 Russel Adam, â€Å"Great Negroes Past and present†Chicago. Afro-american publishers. (1963)pp 64-246. Russel Adam, â€Å"Great Negroes Past and present†Chicago. Afro-american publishers. (1963)pp 64-246.

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A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell Essay -- A Jury of Her Peers Ess

"A Jury of her Peers" was written by Susan Glaspell in 1917. This short story is entertaining but also tells the story of women in the early twentieth century. Ms Glaspell give you an idea about the hardships that women had to deal with, such as loneliness, lack of beauty, physical labor, and living in a male dominated society. The characters consist of two couples and a lawyer. The men are trying to convict Minnie Foster of murdering her husband while he was sleeping. The story takes place in Minnie's house. Throughout most of the play the men ridicule the women. This is ironic because the women are the ones that end up finding the missing link to the killing. Throughout the play the men are looking for evidence that would give Minnie a motive for the killing her husband. The men look everywhere for evidence; as they do this they poke fun of the women. The men just do not understand the hardships of being a woman at the turn of the century. Loneliness was a major factor for farmwomen in the early part of the century. Elaine Hedges quotes Faragher's statement saying "the single most important distinction between the social and cultural worlds of men and women was the isolation and immobility of wives compared to husbands" (Elaine Hedges 99). The isolation of the houses contributed to the loneliness women felt. The farmhouses were miles apart and could take up to half a day just to visit a friend. Women did not have time in their busy schedule to take such trips. Women were preoccupied with household chores and running the family. The men could combat loneliness because they had the advantage of going into town with the crops. At these visits they could catch up on the news as they sat in the saloons with the gu... ...ause none of them were small. To can fruit there is a lot of effort involved. The fruit must be grown, picked, and still canned. Ms Hedges informs her readers of the physical labor involved by quoting old diaries, "Friday May 27 This is the dreaded washing day" (Hedges 96). One must not forget that there was no running water back then. One load of wash took tremendous amounts of labor: "One wash, one boiling and one rinse used about fifty gallons of water -- or four hundred pounds -- which had to be moved from pump or well to faucet to stove and tub, in buckets and wash boilers that might weigh as much as forty or fifty pounds" (Hedges 96). This reason alone explains why Minnie is worried about her jars while she is in jail. As one can see "A Jury of Her Peers" was not only written for entertainment, but also to demonstrate how rough life for farmwomen was.

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Critical Analysis Of Human Resource Development Intervention

What is larning and how does larning take topographic point? This essay will turn to the reply to the aforementioned inquiry by critically measuring an Induction semen Training plan conducted by John Little. Mezirow ‘s instrumental acquisition and Kolb ‘s acquisition manners will be discussed to analyze the existent life larning that I personally experienced whilst working for the abovementioned retail merchant. To show the transportation between theoretical and organisational acquisition, the apprehension gained from the Human Resource Development ( HRD ) literature will be utilized to supply recommendations on bettering the Induction semen Training plan to heighten and ease grownup acquisition. John Little is managed by the Robinsons Group, one of Singapore ‘s prima retail merchants ( Robinsons 2009 ) . The departmental shop offers a broad scope of consumer goods to the general populace. Its success is reliant on its committedness to excellent client service. Staff preparation in cardinal countries such as merchandise cognition and presentation is paid peculiar attending to because, these would reflect on John Little ‘s client service ( Robinsons 2009 ) . The approaching critical ratings of Mezirow ‘s instrumental acquisition and Kolb ‘s acquisition manners will help in analyzing the attack used by John Little ‘s direction during the initiation semen preparation plan for new employees. In my sentiment, these two theories implemented together during a learning episode, can supply effectual acquisition for grownups.Mezirow ‘s Instrumental LearningInstrumental acquisition happens when one engages in undertaking orientated job work outing as it involves the procedure of larning to pull strings and command the environment or people i.e. , how to make something or how to execute ( Delahaye 2005 ) . In instrumentalA acquisition, one can reflect on the everyday premises or content that guided in the job work outing procedure ( O'Neil & A ; Marsick 2007 ) . Therefore, this signifier of larning allows us to determine alterations ensuing from the acquisition by mensurating behaviors, public presentation or productiveness of employees ( Delahaye 2005 ) . Mezirow ( 1981 ) further emphasized that instrumental acquisition, at all times, involves anticipations about discernible actions either societal or physical, which can turn out to be wrong or right ( Mezirow 1981 ) . Therefore, empirical grounds is used in instrumental acquisition to guarantee that the implicit in premises are right ( O'Neil & A ; Marsick 2007 ) . Instrumental acquisition is apparent in two domains of activity, viz. ; procedural preparation and empirical research ( Delahaye 2005 ) . As noted by Nonaka & A ; Takeuchi ( cited in Delahaye 2005 ) , procedural preparation is the cardinal supplier to knowledge coevals and as such is indispensable in any organisation as it ensures that cognition is widely disseminated. Learning through undertaking orientated job work outing and finding the cause and consequence relationships are constituents of empirical research ( Delahaye 2005 ) . The rules of grownup larning preponderantly shaped the apprehension of Mezirow ‘s instrumental acquisition. A figure of research workers have identified these rules to be viz. ; get downing with the known, preparedness to larn, portion acquisition, spaced acquisition, active acquisition, over-learning, multiple sense acquisition, feedback, meaningful stuff and transportation of larning ( Delahaye 2005 ) . These rules will be discussed in the extroverted paragraphs. Any signifier of larning episode should get down with the basic thought or the scholar ‘s current degree of cognition as this AIDSs in acquisition and in such instances, the larning nonsubjective becomes easier to grok. Thorndike ‘s Law of Readiness ( cited in Delahaye 2005 ) , emphasizes that the larning experience of an person would be more enriching if the person is ready to larn. Part acquisition and spaced acquisition are used jointly within the larning context. Part larning emphasiss that larning stuffs should be separated into reasonably even sized pieces before being presented to the scholar. Miller ( cited in Delahaye 2005 ) named this procedure as ‘chunking ‘ . The construct of separated acquisition asserts the fact that clip intervals should be allowed between the balls to ease acquisition. As suggested by Delahaye and Smith ( cited in Delahaye 2005 ) , active acquisition involves the use of an activity to reenforce the predating ball of information. McGehee and Thayer ( cited in Delahaye 2005 ) pointed out that over-learning is basically the repeat of undertaking or stuff. This occurs when an single patterns until the stuff is mastered. The term multi sense larning speaks for itself. Feedback and meaningful stuff are critical in the acquisition procedure. Learning is transferred to the working state of affairs given the instance that the acquisition and public presentation state of affairss are similar ( Delahaye 2005 ) . For illustration, transportation of larning occurs when the exact equipment and working stuffs are utilised during the learning procedure.Kolb ‘s Learning StylesMezirow ‘s theory focused on the use and control of environment or people. Kolb, on the other manus focused specifically on persons ‘ acquisition manners. His theory will be used to complement Mezirow ‘s theory for the intent of this essay. Kolb ‘s acquisition manners were developed upon the theoretical account of experiential acquisition ( Erdem 2009 ) . The theoretical account symbolizes larning in a cyclic construction, ‘namely having ( perceptual experience ) and transforming ( treating ) information ‘ ( Kolb, cited in Erdem 2009, p. 156 ) . It is believed that the four acquisition manners consisted of two dimensi ons. The â€Å" feeling † class is related with the concrete experience whereas the â€Å" thought † class is related with the abstract conceptualisation of the perceiving dimension ( Loo 2004 ) . The â€Å" making † class is related with the active experimentation of the processing dimension whereas the â€Å" observation † class is related with the brooding observation dimension ( Loo 2004 ) . As such, the four different manners of larning classified under Kolb ‘s theory are viz. ; divergers, learners, convergers and obligers. He farther suggested that scholars may follow different manners in changing state of affairss as the preferable manners merely mirrors a inclination ( Kolb, cited in de Jesus, Almeida & A ; Watts 2004 ) . They have a leaning to favor some manner of larning over others. Divergers are skilled in originative imaginativeness as opposed to convergers ( Erdem 2009 ) . They prefer multi directional information assemblage ( Erdem 2009 ) . They are besides cognizant of values, significance and are interested in people ( Delahaye 2005 ) . Learners are extremely skilled in making theoretical theoretical accounts that assemble changing observations into one definition ( Erdem 2009 ) . They are more concerned with constructs and thoughts instead than people ( Delahaye 2005 ) . Convergers emphasise the practical application of thoughts and map best in individual solution state of affairss ( Delahaye 2005 ) . They prefer to cover with proficient jobs instead than interpersonal and societal issues ( Erdem 2009 ) . Obligers are opposites from learners. They like to do programs and implement them ( Erdem 2009 ) . Furthermore, they seek chances, take hazards and are action orientated ( Delahaye 2005 ) . Therefore, they are perceived to prefer teamwork. The restrictions in Kolb ‘s acquisition manners must besides be discussed to measure the failing in Kolb ‘s theory. Garner ( 2000 ) stated that Kolb ‘s theory was frequently questioned about its cogency and dependability and this was due to its hapless theoretical foundations. Furthermore, he besides mentioned that Tyler ‘s ‘possibility processing ‘ ( cited in Garner 2000, p. 345 ) was used as a justification for the stability of his theory. Tyler ‘s original work which emphasized single differences was missing in Kolb ‘s theory as Kolb has categorized scholars into groups ( Garner 2000 ) . Furthermore, confusion and finally a misinterpretation was created as to whether Kolb is reasoning for larning manners that are flexible or inflexible ( Garner 2000 ) .Induction cum Training plan at John LittleThe aforesaid theories will be applied to a existent life experience with the aim of showing the transportation between theoretical and organi sational acquisition. This treatment will concentrate on the design and execution phase of the HRD procedure. Mezirow ‘s instrumental acquisition will be applied to the design and execution phase whereas Kolb ‘s acquisition manners will be focused on the design phase. Harmonizing to Delahaye ( 2005 ) , the design phase in any HRD procedure is defined such that all facets of grownup larning coalesce when planing the acquisition experience. He besides stated that it is indispensable for the human resource developer to hold accomplishments to use the appropriate acquisition schemes in the execution phase ( Delahaye 2005 ) . As noted, initiation and preparation are two different facets of an HRD plan. John small combined these two facets into a individual session plan. This session had employees from different age groups, runing from adolescents to the middle-aged. The initiation session for the new gross revenues associates started off with a brief debut about John Little. This basically covered the history of the organisation, values, policies and mission. Following which, the facilitator went on to speak about work civilization, personal presentation, occupation duties and familiarization of each section and what was expected of the employees. Everyone was given a interruption after which, the preparation session commenced instantly. The acquisition stuffs that were presented to the employees seemed hard to grok, particularly so, for the middle-aged employees. It consisted of many pages of processs, which was written in complex English. The intent of John Little ‘s preparation session was to develop and steer the new employees in runing the hard currency registries and to supply client service. Training was conducted with the assistance of a power point presentation which finally, ended up being a one manner communicating as the facilitator did n't try to prosecute the audience. Furthermore, while the session was on-going, the employees were expected to mention to the manual for farther elucidation without farther advice. It was noted that all the employees who were recruited during that period, were undergoing the same preparation session irrespective of their single occupation duty. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, after the talk manner preparation session, each employee was allowed 15 proceedingss of hands-on session with the hard currency registry. The hands-on session, guided by the facilitator was meant to be an advantage in the preparation session but as there was merely one hard currency registry to work on, each employee had to wait in line for their single hands-on session. On the 2nd twenty-four hours, we were introduced to our single section supervisor and were given a floor circuit of our existent on the job country. Thereafter, we were instantly asked to get down work on the topographic point. Overall, the initiation semen preparation session was conducted over a one and a half twenty-four hours period.Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Induction cum Training planThe accomplishments and cognition gained from the initiation semen developing plan should help John Little in presenting and continuing its current quality of client service. However, this was non the instance as there were bugs in its design and execution. Therefore, the grownup larning procedure was hindered. The extroverted treatment will further lucubrate on the failing in the design and execution of this plan. As per Mezirow ‘s instrumental acquisition, John Little was right in showing a brief debut to the organisation. This would hold instilled basic cognition of the organisation for the employees. However, John Little did non measure the employee ‘s competency degree in orienting the plan. Employees from really different demographics were given the same type of preparation. This may do the slow scholar to face troubles in maintaining gait with others and therefore may halter their acquisition procedure. If I was the HRD director, I would hold grouped the recruits harmonizing to their age group and have had a self debut semen ice ledgeman session. This would hold eased any uneasiness amongst older employees if they were slow scholars. This will besides promote them to inquire more inquiries which will take them to larn more than if they were grouped with adolescents who nowadays are by and large better read and good versed with retail civilization. I would hold besides given press releases in simple English and more hands-on session as this escalates the understanding procedure greatly instead than talks. As established earlier, the recruits were non introduced to the present staff in their assigned sections. As portion of the ice ledgeman session, I would hold introduced the supervisor and all the staffs under the single sections to the new employees. John Little has assorted sections with five to six senior employees in each section. The debut should be done during the initiation session to do the employees feel at easiness and mix with their hereafter co-workers. The intent of initiation is to acquire good acquainted with the work environment, the organisation ‘s civilization, the people and the procedures whilst the intent of developing harmonizing to Mathis and Jackson ( 2007 ) is to supply employees with specific accomplishments and identifiable cognition for usage in their present occupations and is defined as the procedure whereby employees get capablenesss to execute their occupations. Both initiation and preparation should hold been conducted individually because both have a different intent. I would hold conducted the full plan over a three twenty-four hours period. Induction would be done over two yearss and preparation would take up one twenty-four hours. It is advisable to carry on the session in parts as this will enable the participants to absorb and retain more information instead than holding a concentrated plan. In add-on, the frequence of interruptions during such Sessionss should be high. It is apparent that John Little ‘s human resource developer did non take into consideration the ample handiness of resource, which in kernel, is clip. Everything was packed together and therefore the transportation of larning would non hold been successful. The larning stuff consisted of a thick employee enchiridion in complex English which may non hold been suited for all recruits. Grasping information would hold been much easier if the enchiridion had been split into its assorted subdivisions with a more images instead than merely apparent words. As it has been said, a image speaks a 1000 words. Such ocular AIDSs enhance grownup acquisition and it would hold enabled the participants to link more easy with the power-point presentation. And alternatively of merely enchiridions, I would hold besides incorporated worksheets to measure and measure the participants apprehension of the preparation. This will enable me to put the recruits in sections best suited for their ability and aptitude. There was merely one hard currency registry available for hands-on session for the full batch of participants which resulted in everyone hardly holding 15 proceedingss on it. While waiting for their bend, there is a possibility that some of the information could hold been forgotten or they may experience ignored. It would hold been more productive if a brace of participants had one hard currency registry to themselves for the hands-on session. Furthermore, I would press every brace to prosecute in replying each others ‘ questions and acquiring constructive feedback from the trainer. This sort of active acquisition will enable them to retain information and liven up the acquisition procedure. The constructive feedback on advancement of the participants will ease them to recognize their failings and work on it. Motivational words used by the trainer can promote participants to execute beyond their occupation range which is sorely missing in today ‘s service industry in Sing apore. Alternatively, to get the better of this barrier that hinders the acquisition procedure, John Little should carry on specialized preparation for operation of hard currency registries. Time dedicated specifically for hands-on preparation better enables larning to take topographic point as repeat occurs. This should be accompanied by a supervisor who could help and supply feedback. The importance of feedback in the acquisition procedure can non be emphasized more as it completes the cringle in the learning rhythm. All participants were grouped together even though they had different occupation Scopess. An ideal state of affairs would be to group them harmonizing to occupation range and seamster customized preparation Sessionss to run into their acquisition demands. This will heighten acquisition as the session would be more meaningful and relevant to them. Alternatively of acquiring employees to get down work instantly and independently after a mere one and a half yearss of initiation and preparation, they should be tasked to alternate an experient senior employee. Designating a manager or a supervisor in this instance, provides a point of mention to new employees should they hold any questions or uncertainties. This once more, links back to constructive feedback on the portion of the manager. New employees are expected to execute up to outlook on the really first twenty-four hours of work. It is apprehensible that worlds make errors particularly so, when the preparation session was non conducted proper. It is besides improper of the employee to transport around the enchiridion until they have mastered a peculiar accomplishment or undertaking as it would do the feel incapable and unprofessional and will relect severely on John Little. As such, understudying and larning through feedback and active acquisition is indispensable in the acq uisition procedure as it recalls attending. As mentioned earlier, Kolb has identified four different larning manners of persons. Each manner of acquisition has to be accommodated for, during the design of the initiation and preparation plan. It is of import to observe that in any group, it is likely that there will be a mixture of larning penchants and this mixture could cover the four acquisition manners ( Delahaye 2005 ) . Since learners are able to cover with brawny sums of information and have the ability in organizing these information logically the structured technique as mentioned above can be used to profit them. The undermentioned unstructured larning schemes should be taken into consideration whilst planing the plan. Group larning or group exercisings should be implemented to further heighten larning by utilizing instance surveies and scenarios. Since effectual handling of clients is indispensable in client service and no 1 homo is heterogenous, scenarios and instance surveies would use creativity to get at an reply. Such exercisings would profit scholars who are divergers. Experiential acquisition in the signifier of larning instruments, where hands-on acquisition was conducted with the hard currency registries would profit obligers.DecisionThe aforesaid critical rating of the HRD literature clearly aided me in analysing the larning procedure of an grownup. Mezirow ‘s instrumental acquisition was focused on the control and use of the environment or people whereas Kolb ‘s acquisition manners was centred on persons ‘ acquisition manners. For the intent of this essay, Kolb à ¢â‚¬Ëœs theory was used to complement Mezirow ‘s theory as both theories are indispensable to the grownup larning procedure. These theories were applied to John Little ‘s initiation semen preparation plan. The failings in the plan were identified to be within the design and execution constituents. As a acquisition intercession was applied, I was able to rectify the failing by proposing effectual larning techniques that were associated with portion acquisition, spaced acquisition, active acquisition, feedback, intending stuff and transportation of larning. With the known fact that heterogenous persons have different acquisition manners in head, activities based on Kolb ‘s acquisition manners were recommended to ease acquisition. This essay assisted me to use HRD literature to a existent life larning experience and has proved to be good to my-self acquisition as good. ( 3039 words )

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Reflection On Criticism - 864 Words

Criticism can be a hard thing for anyone to take. I feel that there are three things that make it hard for people; failing, open wounds, and the person doing the criticizing. For myself, I think that rational and analytical listening are two things that I need to integrate to improve my ability to respond more constructively to criticism. There are two strategies that I use to give criticism; straight to the point, and â€Å"good-bad-good†. I believe that criticism is hard for most people to take. I believe that there are a lot of different reasons that it’s hard for people to take criticism, but there are three that stick out to me. The first one is that when a person is trying to accomplish something that they are not good at, criticism is†¦show more content†¦I feel that if I work on this, I will be able to understand how they feel and maybe try to help them. The second listening styles that I need to integrate to improve my ability to respond more constructively to criticism is analytical listening. â€Å"Analytical listeners are concered about attending to the full message before coming to judgement† (Alder, Elmhorst Lucas, 2014, pg. 65). They want to hear all the details and analyze it. Right now when I am getting criticism I hear what the person says and then I make my decision about how I feel about it. I do not analyze it at all, just jump to a conclusion. Sometimes I get upset easily, and I feel if I would think more into a situation before I just get mad, I might find that its not worth getting upset about. I believe this can help me become more level-headed. I use two different strategies to give criticisms depending on the situation. When it is something quick and I feel that I can correct it on the spot without making a scene or making the person feel bad about themselves, I just say it in a respectful manner. I try to do it as soon as the incident happens, but not in front of others. An example of this is when one of the people on my shift showed up late to work two days in a row, I walked up to her when she walked in to work alone, greeted her, then told her that she needed to try to show up to work on time. She said okay and we went on with our day like nothing happened. I believe that doing it this way allowsShow MoreRelatedCriticism and Reflection of the Color Purple by Alice Walker1151 Words   |  5 PagesCriticism and Reflection of the Color Purple by Alice Walker Criticized as a novel containing graphic violence, sexuality, sexism, and racism, The Color Purple was banned in several schools across the United States. Crude language and explicit detail chronicle the life of Celie, a young black woman subjected to society’s cruelties. Although immoral, the events and issues discussed in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple are prominent in today’s society, and must be public and conversed ratherRead MoreEssay on Critical Thinking/Reflection1393 Words   |  6 PagesAssessing both critical thinking and the reflection process in learning, these aspects are both intertwined. Without one, you cannot have the other. With the use of critical thinking and reflection this thought process allows us to analyse, assess, evaluate, learn and develop arguments. However this can have a twofold affect in the learning process. The learning process means taking many aspects and perspectives into account to establish an argument. Critical thinking draws on questions such as:Read MoreCarson Mccullers Themes Of Loneliness And Isolation1356 Words   |  6 Pages More than half a century later, Carson McCullers’ themes of loneliness and isolation still speak to today’s readers. The work â€Å"Reflections In a Golden Eye†of Carson McCullers drew a lot of criticism, but was anything but unsuccessful. Carson McCullers’ problems with her health and family brought upon manors of writing, she expressed her loneliness and isolation, showing issues relating to bisexuality, infidelity, hostility, and murder. Lastly she made a large impact in the readers and otherRead MoreThe Rhetorical Analysis Of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.764 Words   |  4 Pagessitting in a jail cell, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. uses this time of reflection to write a letter to the 7 white church leaders in the south in rebuttal to their recent criticisms of the Civil Rights Movement. The letter comes after the recent pro test in Birmingham, and the criticisms of his work form the Southern leaders. King crafts his argument in a cause and effect style to illustrate the direct problems or criticisms, and refutes these claims with substantial support in favor of his movementRead MoreSelf Reflection : A Teacher1650 Words   |  7 Pagesintellectual, social, and personal development of children and youth. Teachers at any experience level and in any content area can benefit from thinking and reflecting upon their teaching and any problems they are experiencing (Schiller, 1992). Self-Reflection: Current Teachers Many believe the most important factor in learning to teach is the crucial first few years of a teacher s career (Schiller, 1992). While the first few years are pivotal, the goal of becoming a better teacher is a never endingRead MoreEdgar Allan. Poe and H. L. Mencken’s Uses of Humor in Negative Reviews1120 Words   |  5 Pagesseams with sarcasm and humor. These pieces of criticism speak novels about their judgment of these works that don’t â€Å"make the cut† of perceived greatness, and of the types of people who would indulge themselves with them. However, Noà «l Carrol does not speak about the use of humor in arts criticism, for good or for bad. If we are to use Carrol’s definition of arts criticism, then we can’t judge the effectiveness of Poe and Mencken’s use of humor in criticism, or whether it belongs at all. The questionRead MoreScholarly Writing Skill Reflection Essay652 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿ Scholarly Writing Skill Reflection University of Phoenix SEM/700R Dr. Kimberly Lowrey Scholarly Writing Skill Reflection One of the most important ideas that occurs to me when I consider my ability to be a successful doctoral student relates to my capacity to write compelling papers that are supported by critical thinking skills and credible sources. In order to ensure that I moveRead MoreThe Transmission Model Of Banking Education Essay1700 Words   |  7 Pagesrelevant information as the educator, and are able to transform the knowledge they have into action for change. Moreover, through the use of a Praxis- orientated approach; through which the participants enter into a continuous process of action, reflection and alteration of the way in which they perceive themselves and society, will ultimately lead to the individuals developing Conscientisation, and become aware of their oppression, leading them to take action for change. Moreover, within this approachRead MoreCritical Theory : A Critical Perspective925 Words   |  4 Pagesespecially political, judicial and education systems, to safeguar d their way to dominance of other groups. As all known, Frankfurt School is famous for Critical Theory. Critical theory, which is that people on the history of civilization, critical reflection of social reality and the formation of theories, not only including Critique of Pure Reason, but also includes the traditional Marxist critique of political economy. In the decades of the historical evolution of the process, the Frankfurt SchoolRead MoreCivilitarianism In Lord Of The Flies Essay994 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the novel The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, both sarcastic scenes of political subversion and strong reflections of the state of world affairs at the time of the book’s publishing are commonplace. The repeated messages of political ideals and their hypocrisy and the parallels between the book’s events and real-world tension make political and historical criticism the most powerful means of illuminating one of the most prominent themes in the book: absolute power corrupts absolutely